Ditty Timed Ticker adds a highly requested feature to Ditty News Ticker. Using this amazing utility you can now add start and end times to individual ticks, allowing you to preset when they show up on your site. You can also set individual ticks to delete at the specified end time. As other Ditty extensions get updated, they will be able to take advantage of this exciting feature that Ditty Timed…


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Custom built by the professionals whose careers revolve around working in mobile acquisition vehicles; Legacy & HD-1 are built with all the essentials, and none of the wasted space. HD video, multitrack audio recording, cutting edge production all with state of the art equipment is just a phone call away.


  • Soundcraft Vi7000 Digital Audio Console 128 mono inputs, 32 buses, 8 stereo matrix
  • (2) Remote Stagebox (128x56)
  • Soundcraft Compact stage Box (32x8)
  • nVision NV 7512 (192x192) AES audio routing switcher w/MADI
  • 2 23” Dell Computer Monitors

Entertainment is what we're about

Our mobile trucks travel the continental US for our clients who demand the highest quality HD video and audio facilities. Contact us today.

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