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Designed for large-scale Entertainment Video Production, the Camp Digital Mobile Production Units take the show on the road! Equipped with the latest in Audio and Visual Production Technology and Multiple Pop Outs make these Mobile Production Units high-tech as well as spacious and comfortable environments to work in. 



    Sony HDC1500L with Fiber Backs (wired for 12)
    1 Iconix HD POV Camera with RCP160 remote controller
    SONY RCP750 Remote Camera Controllers
    Sony MSU 950 Master Set Up Unit
    Sony CNU 700 Camera Control Network Hub
    2 Leader LV5750 Scopes w/ Waveform and Vector
    4 Sony 7” HD Color Studio Viewfinders
    1 Fujinon 88x HD Studio Lens with Sony Sled
    2 Fujinon 66x HD Studio Lens with Sony Sled
    3 Fujinon 13 X 4.5
    1 Fujinon 20X7.8
    1 Fujinon 22×7.8
    4 Sony Sleds for large lenses w/ 4 Sony 7” HD Color Studio Viewfinders
    8000’ Mohawk SMPTE Hybrid Fiber/Limo Connectors
    Vector 70 and 75 Heads sticks for large lenses; Vinten Vision 250’s; Vinten Vision 100’s


    ROSS Vision QDM Switcher
    - 24 Crosspoint Buttons on Panel
    - 3 Multi-Level Effects Systems (MLE) Control Areas
    - Auto-Follow, Industrial Grade, Dual Display System Control
    - USB Ports for Keyboard, Mouse, and Media Drives
    - 24 Custom Control Macro Buttons with 12 Way Shift
    - On-Panel Aux Bus Control
    - Source AwarenessTM Automatic Features
    - Unique Ross “Roll Clip” Button in Every MLE
    - 100 Event Memory System
    - Preview OverlayTM Safe Area/Title and Operator Heads-Up Information Display


    ROSS Xpression 3D HD
    Fully Loaded Package Including Features of Designer, Player and BlueBox
    - 3 RU Rackmount Chassis with Current Ross HW specification,
    - Support for 2 Video Output Channels, Each with Video+Key
    - Support for 2 Video Input Channels
    - Support for Multiple Virtual Preview Channels
    - Support for Multiple Virtual Channels
    - Real-time 2D/3D Graphics Engine
    - Template Designer
    - Template Playout Sequencer
    - .Net based scripting
    - High Definition Formats (HD)
    - Standard Definition Formats (SD)
    - TrueD! Anaglyphic Preview
    - Simultaneous Multi Definition Output
    - Real-time Up, Down and Aspect Ratio Conversion
    - Custom Resolution Video Formats
    - Video Clips and Dynamic Textures
    - Graphical Keyframe Editor
    - Framebuffer Layers
    - Scene Director
    - Continuous Animations
    - Render To Disk
    - XPression Video Coder
    - Project Video Format Conversion
    - Live Input Shader (DVE/Keying)
    - Webcam Input (DirectShow) Support
    - PowerPoint Shader
    - Window Capture Shader
    - 2D / 3D Font Engine
    - Multi Language Support
    Audio_No Wood_960x600


Soundcraft Vi4 96 Channel Digital Audio Console + Soundcraft Vi1 64 Channel Digital Audio Console – Built on the Studer platform, the Soundcraft consoles include Vistonics mapping, 3rd octave graphic EQ, 8 independent stereo Lexicon multi-effects units including14 reverbs, 7 delays, and 8 pitch-shifting effects. Dynamic section controls with noise gates, full function compressors, and independent limiters on each channel.
    JBL LSR4326 Monitors
    128 Input Remote Stage Box
    Protools 128 channels via SSL Delta Link
    2 64 track Joeco Digital Multi-track Recorders (Back-up)
    Direct Out M.1K2 512×512 MADI Router
    Alesis ML9600 High Resolution Master Disk Recorder
    TC Electronics Finalizer Express
    Apogee Big Ben Master Digital Clock
    Logitec Analog VU Meters with Phase Test
    Analog, Digital or MADI AES signal flow


    16 AJA KiPro Rack hard disk recorders with 500G hard drives
    2 DVD Recorder/Players
  6 Channel EVS XT2 with X-File


    RTS CRONUS Digital Matrix Comm, 32 port
    14 KP-12LK Talk/Listen Panels
    2 MKP-45P Talk Listen Terminals
    3 Dual Digital Interface 2W-4W
    RTS PS31 and PS15 Power Supplies
    6 Additional Channels Wet PL at I/O panel
    6 Channels of 2 Wire at I/O Pannel
    4 Channels of IFB (wet or dry)
    RTS 16 Channel SAP
    2 RTS Telephone Interface
    16 RTS BPM325 Belt Packs
    4 RTS IFB Belt Packs with earpieces
    16 Beyer Single Muff Headsets
    10 Beyer Dual Muff Headsets
    16 RTS PH-88R5 Lightweight Headsets


    ROSS 72×72 Digital Video Router
    ROSS 32×32 AES Audio Router
    ROSS 32×32 Analog Audio Router
    Teranex 2D Standards Converter
    2 AJA FS-1 Digital Frame Syncs
    1 AJA FS-2 Digital Frame Sync
    Ensemble Designs Digital DA
    ESE HD/SDI Time Code Generator
    Evertz VIP Multi Imager (includes 1 VIP4, 2 VIP8, and 1 VIP12)


    4 Sony 42” LCD Display (Production Monitor Wall)
    3 Sony LMD 2110 22” Preview/Program Monitors (Production Wall)
    36 BlackMagic Designs Smartview Duo 8” Monitors (throughout truck)
    4 Sony 17” OLED Reference Monitors with built-in scope (Video Shading and Lighting Director positions)
    2 Black Magic Smartview 17” LCD HD Monitor (EVS Position)
    1 Sony 17” LCD HD Reference Monitor (Tape Position)
    1 Samsung 32” LED Program Monitor (Audio Room)
    3 Marshall 7” Dual HD monitors
    3 23” LCD HD Monitors in Audio
    2 22” LCD HD Monitor in Audio
    1 16” LCD HD Program Monitor


    4 Sony ECM-77Bs
    6 Sony ECM 673s
    4 Audio-Technica 5100s
    4 Audio-Technica 4150s
    3 AKG 451s with E or C Capsules
    5 Audio-Technica 4033s
    2 Audio-Technica 4050s


    1 Sony 40” LCD Bravia
    1 Sony 32” LCD Bravia
    2 Sony 17” LCD Reference Monitors
    2 Sony 15” LCD Reference Monitors
    1 23” LCD flatscreen w/ AJA HD/SDI to HDMI Converter
    1 21” LCD flatscreen w/ AJA HD/SDI to HDMI Converters
    Various Analog throw down monitors


    1000’ TAC 12 Single Mode Fiber
    2 500’ TAC 4 Single Mode Fiber
    300’ TAC 4 Single Mode Fiber
    8 Sets AJA Fido BNC/Fiber Converters
    6 AJA Hi5 SDI – HDMI Converters
    3 AJA SDI DA’s
    4 Black Magic SDI – HDMI Converters
    2 Black Magic SDI – Analog Converters
    2 Black Magic Analog – SDI Converters
    2 Sets Fiber – Cat5 – Fiber Converters


    208 Volt / 200 Amp Single Phase
    100’ feeder cable


    Trailer Length 42’6” / 54’ with Tow Vehicle Trailer
    Width Expanded 18’ (8’6” for travel)
    Height 13’4”


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