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A major milestone event for Camp Digital happened In February 2017. Camp Digital provided multiple mobile production resources for the first ever live television commercial during a Super Bowl for Snickers. Not only were we the live multi-camera infrastructure for the live 30 second commercial featuring Adam Driver and a host of other actors and stunt people, we also provided production for a live 36 hour continuous live webcast on the Snickers website to promote the first ever live Super Bowl commercial.

In an effort to become the most widely known brand on the planet, Snickers assembled a vast crew of over 200 professionals from the motion picture, special effects, television commercial and live multi-camera production industries to achieve this ‘first time ever’ live commercial event. Literally hundreds of hours of preparation went into the commercial and its subsequent follow-up spots which continued to air on various networks for weeks after the Super Bowl debut.

The 36 hour webcast leading up to game day featured celebrities such as Betty White and WWE wrestler “The Mizz” having fun with games and other comedic ‘pokes’ at what would be the theme for the upcoming live television commercial. There was even a contest conducted during the 36 hour event where viewers could vote on the name of the ‘saloon’ that would be part of the actual live commercial during the Super Bowl.

Both Legacy and ThunderboltHD were on set at Red Studios In Hollywood for the week leading up to and through Super Bowl Sunday.

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