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Rifftrax has been a loyal client of Camp Digital’s for 7 years.  Last year was another success with four more movies; Time Chasers, the Mystery Science Theater Reunion show, Mothra and Carnival of Souls.

While the usual home for RIfftrax Live is the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, TN, during their remodel we took RIfftrax Live to Nashville’s Polk Theater at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center for Time Chasers. As part of that show we had most of the original cast of the movie in attendance and Mike, Bill and Kevin treated a group of VIP’s to a meet and greet during rehearsal with the original cast for photos and autographs.

In June we took the show to where it all began in Minneapolis for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reunion show at the State Theater. 30 years of MST3K was relived with many of the original cast and writers making ‘guest Riffer’ appearances on the show. The final clip of the evening saw all 9 ‘Riffers’ on stage in what was the largest live ‘riff’ in Rifftrax history. It was truly a night to remember.

The final Rifftrax Live of 2016 was the classic Japanese sci-fi film Mothra. Back at the newly remodeled Belcourt Theatre, Mike, Bill and Kevin brought the sell-out crowd to their feet with yet another epic riff of what may be the worst film of its kind ever to make it to the big screen…

Each Rifftrax show brings everyone in the crew laughs and an enjoyable production. We can’t thank them enough for being such great people to work with and look forward to another successful year in 2017.

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